Why Go Vintage

why go vintage


Vintage/Used clothing helps saves the earth

  • Reduce the amount of clothes being discarded into landfills
  • Decrease the environmental impact of agro-chemicals in producing fiber crops
  • Reduce the use of raw materials and virgin resources which ultimately reduces carbon emissions
  • Contribute to the three R's - Reduce, Re-use and RECYCLE!

  • Stand out from the crowd, don't dress like the average Joe!
  • Personal style can be transcended through unique fashions and styles found in vintage clothes
  • Every item has a story
  • Find one of a kind pieces

  • Clothes are not made with the same care as in the past
  • Vintage was always quality over quantity with special care and attention to detail
Saves money

  • Brand names at low cost
  • High quality at low cost
  • Unique styles at low cost